There are many things your backpacking tent does for you, from protecting you against the elements to keeping the bugs away to, the most important on- giving you a nice comfortable place to sleep in.

This is why you need to make the right choice and not end up with the wrong tent, meaning a heavy, overstuffed backpack tent. You want to travel lightweight and have a nice place to sleep in just as well.

Technology develops so fast and you can find nowadays backpacking tents that are not only lightweight, but also easy to pack and last for quite some time.

So, finding the 4Person backpacking tent is not that difficult anymore and there are models to fit anyone’s likings, needs and…budget.

What to consider

If you plan to go hiking, it’s obvious enough that what you want from your 4-Person backpacking tent is …the lighter and the smaller, the better. The smaller it is the load on your back, the faster you get.

You can find tents that range from 2 to 5 pounds and take small space in your pack. This kind of backpacking tent doesn’t have tent floor though and they look more like a tarp or shelter, rather than a complete tent.

When you don’t see any problem in that, see the full picture: more bugs and less heat insulation. These tents do make a good choice though in arid desert areas, though.

Tents that weigh 3 to 8 pounds more than that typically come with a floor or a rain fly. Keep in mind you can always lower the weight of your backpack leaving stuff sacks and rain flies at home if the weather doesn’t say otherwise.

The fact that you are looking for a backpacking tent for your group of four means you already know the number of your group and your needs.

You need to take in consideration the space you might need in case of an emergency, like bad weather. On a stormy day, you would need space to store your backpacks, boots, other gear inside the tent so play it on the safe side. If you are travelling in 3, the 4 backpacking tent is your choice. But, never get a 4 person backpacking tent if you’re group is of 4 people.

One of the best things when travelling in a group, is that you can split the weight: one carries the tent, another one the gear and so on. For a selection of 4-person backpacking tents check out Hikingtier.

The main features

You must know by now how often you hike, if you go outdoor every time you get the chance or you only go 6 times a year.

It’s better to get a three-season tent if you are a beginner when it comes to backpacking hiking. This type of tent is a wise choice if you hike in spring, summer and fall. But, if you also like hiking/camping in winter time, you should also get a winter 4Person backpacking tent.

There are several features for 4Person backpacking tents and you can make a general idea on them so that you decide which count the most to you.

Multiple doors are something you want for your group as you don’t want to go over each other trying to get inside the tent. The more pockets on the inside, the more storage for your items-so this is also a feature important when getting a 4 Person backpacking tent.

The more you are, the more is the breathability of your tent is important. So you want your backpacking tent to feature enough vents, but also with a vestibule area to store your boots and backpacks.

No matter how many you are, a bathtub flor and waterproof tent materials are always something you want. You never know when the weather might change and waterproofness is essential when hiking.

The most important thing

The more you know about the features on your future 4 person backpacking tent, the more you are able to decide which count the most to you.

No matter your choice in the end, it’s always a good thing to get familiar with the tent before actually go hiking/camping. You need to know how to setup the rainfly, or how to take down fast your backpacking tent before you’re out there…